About Us

Credon Constructions is an enterprise with a niche leadership in real estate ecosystem. Credon Constructions, a name that is synonymous with quality, simplicity, and transparency, has earned a niche as the most sought after brand in the real estate industry since 2014. Since our inception, we have brought in a new approach to real estate in the state of Telangana. Headquartered in Hyderabad, we have regional offices in Pune.

Credon Constructions is a classic reference in the high profile of Real Estate sector in Hyderabad that addresses different markets and customers from all over the nation. Through the many years of experience of Mr. Ravi Kiran, who leads the Company, and the transversal skills of a selected teamwork, we accompany the Customers in every phase of the process, establishing a beneficial and mutual relationship of trust and transparency.

Each property has its own personality and history of value that must be acknowledged and transferred. Through an in-depth analysis of real estate market, the constant updating on industry scenarios, the assessment of the best investment opportunities, our company is positioned above the highest market standard. Besides competence, it is the ability to create a strong connection with the customer that has always distinguished us. The Customers who have chosen us and continue to do so, know they can count on an undisputed confidentiality and on an optimal satisfaction.

Our approach is driven by the senior management, a group of senior construction professionals having an aggregate experience of more than five decades in real estate, construction management, project finance and business banking. Our goal has always been to be the first choice for anyone seeking to buy premium flats in serene environment.

Our experience and capabilities in constructing tailor made apartments meeting the satisfaction levels of the customers is the hallmark of our success. In this voyage of 20 years in the industry, credon construction has incorporated some world class features in to the projects which are experienced by the present residents. Besides state of the art amenities , it has also paid attention to latest technology with strict implementation of parameters in to nicest design and laid out projects. This uncompromising passion for quality outcome has helped us earn the test of our ever increasing clientele.

Credon Constructions, a young and dynamic real estate developer has explored new heights to bring excellence in all its endeavours, Credon constructions known for delivering the best of projects ever experienced by Hyderabad. The impressive portfolio of projects span from all types of residential buildings comprising of affordable, luxury and premium homes.

Meet Our Director

With over 20 years of professional experience across various aspects of construction, Mr. Ravi Kiran, the founder, is the cornerstone of the organization. An Osmania University alumnus, a serial entrepreneur, sportsman had a highly stimulating and successful stint over the years in various capacities, primarily in the construction and real estate industries. He has independently handled large real estate projects in Hyderabad with over 1000 happy customers.

Client Approach

Frank, Impeccable and Transparent Client Approach

Credon Constructions, one of the most renowned and trusted names in hyderabad, has always been unique in its approach. Be it in transforming spaces in to homes or its business strategies, complete business transactions are carried by us are transparent. For Instance The approvals of the project are attached on the website itself under specific project tab, social media pages work as blog where clients can express their views and regards.

Real-time construction images are updated on website for NRI and other states clients. We directly communicate with party and all consultants so there is no information gap and, projects can be discussed transparently. Apart from this, we always welcome innovation in our entire project.

We accept suggestion and ideas from clients, brokers as well as from our employees and never hesitate to implement them to add value to projects and promote better security through the adoption of modern safety measures. Moreover we also have a monitoring process which keeps a watch input on the quality of work whether it is maintained and whether grievances of the customers are resolved.